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Elaine is the Social Care TV Care Worker of the Month runner up May 2022!

We are so chuffed that Elaine was singled out to receive this award from Social Care TV. Congratulations Elaine!

Our Registered Manager Ann put Elaine forward as an outstanding Care worker for Salvere Support.

Here is Ann’s story:

“Elaine had not worked for many years due to her own anxiety and lack of confidence in her own ability.

We interviewed her for a Personal Care Assistant with a gentleman who has a lot of complex needs, due to a stroke and a further bleed on the brain.

She was at first very daunted by all the care that he required, hoisting, PEG feeds, suction, nebulizers, Catheter care, and medication administration. He is not able to move other than his head, his speech is hard to understand and can be verbally rude.

I can honestly say I have not seen another carer take to the role as well as she has. She spent time reading and watching others working with him. Gaining his trust, making light of the verbal abuse he can sometimes give out by redirecting it to be more of a joke and get him laughing.

Recently this gentleman has had two really poorly episodes both requiring hospital admission. The second one resulted in him being discharged at 3am, this again did not phase Elaine, back to work she went as the paramedics cant use the hoist.

She will naturally go above and beyond for him; Working extra to ensure he gets the continuity he needs. We are now 2 years later from her interview and I can honestly say she is one amazing carer; I would be proud to say she has won this and would give her confidence a huge boost.

She really does deserve this from a different organisation than just myself.”

We were incredibly moved by your story and feel that Elaine absolutely embodies the qualities of a Care Worker that always goes the extra mile

Sophie from Social Care TV